Lightning Heart Productions

  • Event Management
  • Talent Management/Agent
  • Talent Buyer
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Production/Editing
  • Audio/Visual Systems Design/Consulting
  • DMX Lighting Design/Consulting
  • Content Delivery/Monetization
  • Network Configuration/Consulting
  • Security Camera System Design/Consulting
  • and MORE…

There are many aspects to event management, live streaming and content delivery, including hardware selection/configuration, application development, web/graphic design, content monetization, online store creation/management, network/server configurations, social media integrations, marketing, lighting, video/audio production and customer relationship building. I have over 16 years of professional IT experience, 3 IT degrees, 7 years as owner of an event management/stage lighting/sound production company plus a lifelong passion for music and I’ve played drums all over the region for years. So, I’m in a unique position to offer a wide range of technical and creative services. To help bring all of these ideas to life, I assembled an expert team of the web/app developers, graphic designers, video producers/editors, audio/visual engineers, lighting designers, IT engineers and logistics managers. At Lightning Heart Productions, we combine our love for music, art, community and life with our passions and skills to bring your dreams to life!

There are many options available to create, deliver and monetize, your videos, audio files, live streams and merchandise. Our team will design and build custom software and hardware systems to help you maximize revenue via ticketed live streams, social media integrations, donations processing, advertising revenue, private (Pay Per View) video archival memberships, all while boosting your brand and marketing reach by delivering high quality content to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Video/Podcasts, Patreon, Roku and many more sites! Below you will find a list of services that we offer.

  1. Hardware Selection – We can provide specific recommendations for cameras, microphones, soundboards, streaming encoders, stage and Film Lighting, Video Production Switching Equipment, TV Broadcasting Equipment, Network Switches and Routers, Battery Backup Systems and more.
  2. Technical Support – We offer end-to-end technical support for every aspect of the streaming and content production/delivery/archival and the monetization process.
  3. Broadcast Sources – We can broadcast from any iPhone/iPad, Android, HD Video Cameras using an HDMI/SDI Stream Encoder via RTMP feed. So, there are literally millions of broadcast sources available all over the world, right now! So, we can connect and broadcast from anywhere!
  4. Broadcasting Destinations – We can broadcast any live stream or prerecorded videos, separately OR at the same time, to YouTube, Facebook Live, Custom Websites, Private (Pay Per View) Webpages, Videocasts/Podcasts, Twitch, Periscope (twitter), Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, Vimeo, Content Delivery Networks, like Roku, and more!
  5. Live Streaming Concert and TV Show Production – Using TV broadcasting, software and hardware we can remotely produce live TV shows with video and audio feeds from guests all over the world to any of the broadcast destinations listed earlier.
  6. Monetization – There are many ways to generate revenue from Merchandise/Online Stores, Advertising Revenue, Private (Pay Per View) for Archival Videos, Ticket Sales for Live Streams, On-Screen Interactive Chat and Tip Jar that allows your fans to donate money, make their name appear on screen along with a customized animation that will appear on the screen! It’s fun for your viewers and YOU make money!
  7. Social Media Integration and Management – By integrating existing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Etc…, we can make sure that your content reaches customers all over the world. So, we offer a range of services from simple tech support to full social media account management.
  8. Video/Photo Editing and Formatting – We have professional video/photo editors that take prerecorded videos, pictures and audio clips; edit them, brand them with your logo, create custom overlays and format the files for a wide array of streaming websites, social media, video/podcasts and Content Delivery Networks (CDN).
  9. Graphic/Web Design and Web Hosting – We offer custom graphics and logos for video overlay, advertising, social media, websites, merchandise and more! We also offer website development and hosting services, including domain name registration, server side maintenance, e-commerce configuration and maintenance, application integration and systems development.

    As you can see, we have a lot to offer at Lightning Heart Productions, home to, and I LOVE to talk about all of these topics and more! So, please contact me with questions, event ideas and for proposals for your next BIG IDEA! I know that we can find a solution that fits your needs and your budget. I sincerely look forward to bringing your dreams to life!

Spence Taylor
(812) 361-4847
CEW (Chief Executive Wizard)
Lightning Heart Productions, LLC