Space Captain Rik

Space Captain Rik is a solo, multi-instrumental recording artist, currently signed to Lightning Heart Productions. He writes and records original compositions and performances centered on improvised meditative melody over a palette of ethereal soundscapes. Each performance has its own unique sounds. Space Captain Rik is dedicated to the idea of expanding the horizon of sound composition and supporting authentic emotional expressions through the art of sound. The “Jackson Pollock of Sound” as he’s been described, is known for bewildering his listeners with his energetic guitar playing.

The name “Space Captain” was first coined while playing in “Zion Crossroads”. Before playing in “Zion Crossroads”, Rik played from 2001-2009 in “Knundrum” where he began his education of the Zen Guitar technique. Rik has also participated in other musical endeavors, such as “Mother Earth Invasion League” and “Dead Roses”, and has opened for various well known acts from “Here come the Mummies” to “The Wailers”!

For more information, contact [email protected], call/text 812-361-4847 or simply fill out this booking form.

Space Captain Rik – Live 11/21/23 at Big Woods Pizza in Nashville, IN

New Releases from Space Captain Rik, “Liquid”, “Lords of Karma”, and “Avanti'” are now available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon and many more!

Here is a video of Space Captain Rik’s solo show at the Monroe County Airport Day in the summer of 2022. Behind him you will see the “Candy Drop” where the helicopter dropped candy and all the kids ran out to pick it up! It was truly a special day!

“Candy Drop”

Below you will find a link to three YouTube videos from Space Captain Rik. This recording was taken on 3-20-2022 at Lightning Heart Productions Studio in Bloomington, IN. This was a rehearsal session for Space Captain Rik featuring Space Captain Rik on Guitar, Jeremy Durham on Guitar, Pat Hayes on Bass Guitar, Opal Fly on Saxophone and Spence Taylor on Drums. Recorded on a single track and meant for band use only, this release may not be “perfect” in regards to recording/mixing, but it is perfect in its own way. It captures the sound and essence of the intentionally improvisational musical journeys of the Space Captain Rik project. This is our last recording session with our best friend and life-long bassist, Pat Hayes, before he suddenly passed away on 5/13/22 from a brain aneurysm. A portion of all proceeds from “Friendz of Pat” will be donated to Pat’s wife and child. “Live” recording mastered Brother Jahn Studios June 2022.

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