Past Events

Every event is so special! I created this space to archive pictures and memories from each of our past events. Thank you to every single person that makes this magic happen. Thanks to the venue owners and staff, to the audio and lighting engineers to the artists and every single person that attends the events. Through all of our combined energies, we create the magic that makes each performance so unique and special. So, have a look back and see the great times we’ve had. Then get ready for the next event! So much magic to create, so little time…

2023 Concert Season

Wow! What an amazing way to kick off the 2023 festival season! Thanks to everyone that came out and made it a truly special day! The Lake Lemon Conservancy District presented Riddle Point Boogie, a festival to raise awareness and money for the conservation of Lake Lemon! Chicago Farmer & the Fieldnotes headlined the night! Plus we heard music from Joe’s Truck StopThe Hammer & The HatchetThem Lasses and Low Landers! The Riddle Point Boogie Beer Garden was hosted by Upland Brewing Co.Oliver Winery and Cardinal Spirits!

Riddle Point Boogie 2023 Advertisement

There were food trucks including Arepa Burger with their yummy Arepas, Empanadas, Burgers, and Pepitos! Hungry Hippie Hot Dogs with is mouth watering high quality hot dogs that are best served with live music! And 812 BBQ has all the smoked barbecue you need! Plus the always yummy Pili’s Party Taco with their authentic Mexican cuisine. Plus snow cones and ice cream sandwiches from Kona Ice and tasty cotton candy from Madd Sweetz! There were also merchandise vendors of all types, including Twobear’s Dye’s and Magic Eye Ice Dyes each with a beautiful selection of artisan crafted tie dye clothing and tapestries! Plus the breath taking beauty of jewelry from Gypsy Soul Jewelry. And

Thank you for joining us at Lake Lemon for a day of Americana and Bluegrass music. With your help we raised money for the conservation of Lake Lemon and made memories that will last a lifetime!

Thank you to our sponsors for making all of this possible!

GOLD SPONSOR: Lake Lemon Guest Houses

SILVER SPONSOR: Lake Lemon Marina

SILVER SPONSOR: The Porthole Inn

BRONZE SPONSOR: Crossroads Promotions

WOW! This show was smokin’ hot! On July 29th 2023 at Stable Studios in Spencer, IN we gathered for “Summer Jam at Stable Studios – In The Spirit of ’73.” It was a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Summer Jam at Watkins Glen where 600,000 people attended a full day of music from The Band, The Allman Brothers and The Grateful Dead!

We started the day with “The Haters” performing music of The Band. Then two sets of the Allman Brothers by “Blue Sky Dog!” Then “Hyryder” left us with “nothing left to do, but smile, smile smile!”

Thanks to our sponsor, Wood Wabler Coffee!

Friday, 8/4/23 and Saturday 8/5/23 we gathered for “Days Between Camp and Jam,” a celebration of the life, music and legacy of Jerry Garcia! The festival took place at Spring Valley Campground

There were “songs to fill the air” from music from MickBeth, Graciously Departed, The Lazy Lightning Band, Dose, Howard, Dead Roses and Phree, a tribute to Phish.

2022 Concert Season

These Sponsors gave with their heart so that we could make art in 2022! Let’s hear it for our First Annual SoundboardStreams Concert Series Sponsors!

4/29/2022 – Dan Tyminski Band with special guests The Hammer & The Hatchet at Mike’s Music and Dance Barn in Nashville, IN. This show will always be one of my favorite life memories. My 9 year old son worked with me at the show, my best friends, Jayme and John of The Hammer & The Hatchet, got to open for the legendary Dan Tyminski Band. To top it all off, Dan Tyminski and his wife were so incredibly kind and fun to be around! It was a night of amazing music where even the opening act, The Hammer & The Hatchet, received a standing ovation. Then they got called back on stage for an encore… as the opening act! I’ve never seen the opening band get an encore before! It was truly a magical night!

4/29/22 – Dan Tyminski Band with special guests The Hammer & The Hatchet

5/13/2022 – A Night with Eddie Heinzelman with special guests, Kade Puckett plus Carpenter & Clerk at Stable Studios. Eddie often tours with Radney Foster, but on this night, we were treated with a solo show from Eddie! Full of emotion and songs from the heart, Eddie put on an unforgettable concert! Before Eddie took the stage, we were regaled with the witty music of Carpenter & Clerk. Their story telling is just as entertaining as their beautifully woven songs. Then Kade Puckett set the stage a blaze with his lighting fast finger picking, playful guitar style and smile that melts hearts!

5/13/22 – A Night with Eddie Heinzelman with special guests, Kade Puckett plus Carpenter & Clerk at Stable Studios in Spencer, IN.

5/20/2022-5/22/2022 – The 2022 Twanger Plunker Family Reunion! “A Vaudevillian Carnival in Wonderland!” The 2022 Twanger Plunker Family Reunion, Returned to Wonderland! The Twanger Plunkers are the Midwest Merry Prankster family that meets each year to celebrate life through music, art, dance and light shows!

This event is always extra special because it’s more than a festival. It’s a reunion of Merry Pranksters, from all over the world, gathered to create a safe space to be authentically you, without barriers or expectations, just be who you are and know that you are loved! This communal offering of our authentic selves, creates a magic that transcends time and space. Most festivals are consumer based experiences. You go, you consume the experience of the music, lights and art. Then you go home, having consumed that experience that was built by other people. By contrast, the reunions are created by the efforts of the community, using the talents, skills, passions and energies of the very people there to also consume the experience. People often ask, “how do I become a Twanger Plunker?” The answer, “You already are!”

The reunion has occurred in a few different locations, but in 2022, we returned to the place where it all began, Wonderland! At this reunion we heard from a truly incredible lineup! John Welton & the Awakening, Zu Zu Ya Ya, Phree, a tribute to Phish, Kade Puckett plus Kade’s side project Lunar Bob & The Space Americans. The lineup for Lunar Bob was John Welton, Kade Puckett, and the members of The Awakening! This was a mind blowing treat of musical twists and turns that made me grin from ear to ear, like the Cheshire cat! Check out the photos below! Roger Bash played an afternoon set that left us all smiling! We also heard from the always incredible, Ty Connally! With the incredible Liquid Lights of Jeff Lowe, the entire weekend became a visual treat that dazzled our eyes, hearts and minds!

Forever Fest 22 – 6/10 & 6/11 at Stable Studios in Spencer, IN

Todd Snider headlined Forever Fest on Saturday, 6/11/22! Todd Snider was on his Pickin’…Grinnin’…Tellin’ Stories…Takin’ Requests Tour. His performance was magical and we all had so much fun! Want to relive that night? You can stream Todd’s set from Forever Fest 22 on Todd’s website!

A Look Back at Forever Fest 22

We had a weekend FULL of great music and comedy! We kicked off Forever Fest 22 with Phree, a Tribute to Phish, then a set from Roger Bash, followed by 4 Course Comedy, featuring Blake Champlin, Stephen Riley, Ryan May and John Molehill. We ended Friday with Joe’s Truck Stop, with his full band, performing songs from his new release, Yonderings!

Then Saturday we began with the amazingly talented, fingerstyle champion, Kade Puckett! Followed by Timothy JW Baker and Scott Currie’s latest project, SoundR LampN! Then we laughed with a set of comedy from Jake Ruble, Chris Wolf and Grant Volkmar! Next, we had a very special treat! Griffin Swank, all the way from Houston, TX played with his full band for a night of music, including songs from his latest release, Hubble Space Parade! We topped off the night with a fantastic set from Todd Snider with a 5 song encore!!! Forever Fest 22 was truly a magical weekend full of laughter, music, love, friendship and memories to last a lifetime!