Kade Puckett Live Stream!

See Kade Play the World’s Largest Guitar!

Mountains of Movies…

Well, like a squirrel gathering a cache of acorns for the winter, I’ve gathered a mountain of movies since April. We’ve only edited and released about 10% of the useable videos. So this winter, I will edit and release the bounty of my summertime efforts. Stay tuned!!!

The Path to Forever…

The journey, that has become Forever Fest, started as far back as I can remember. Music has been a family tradition for generations. I felt drawn to it. My parents, Dan and Diana Taylor, encouraged my musical life from the very beginning. As a family we played “Name that Tune” with songs from the radio as we rode in the car. Then my older brother, Warren, started playing drums in elementary school and I starting paying attention. Then my best friend, Matt, started playing drums in the school band. And then I really knew that I wanted to play drums too! So after years of carrying that old Ludwig Supralite in the black hard plastic case back and forth to school, I realized that I must really like playing drums because CARRYING the drum wasn’t much fun! So to really up my carrying heavy stuff game, I became the Audio Engineer for my high school bands. I guess I decided that I needed to add PA equipment to my list of heavy things to move from place to place for the rest of my life. I guess I’ll keep hauling it all around as long as this life will let me!

So in my early twenties, I find myself working jobs that were mind-numbing and depressing. So, at the encouragement of my girlfriend, I filled out the FASFA and signed up for some good old student loans. I enrolled at Ivy Tech for Information Systems classes because my old keyboard player, Dave, worked at Cummins in IT. He made really good money and I so figured, I should check this out. So after 4 years at a 2 year school, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with 3 IT degrees. So I began my career working for the City of Bloomington IS Department. I worked from that temporary position into a full time position providing tech support. I worked my way up from there and in 2014, I started my current job of, Systems and Infrastructure Engineer, overseeing large and complex IT projects. So I have a deep understanding of technology, networking, audio/visual, live streaming, and so much more. Now I find myself combining all of my passion for music with my IT skills. And through all of that, I had be blessed with the best and most talented friends. So now I’m working to help get their art and music out to the world. So there’s a lot more to tell, but for now, I will go to sleep because there is also a lot more to do… tomorrow.